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This needs a "love" button.Senior PortraitsTALENT, PASSION, CREATIVITY, FOCUS AND PROFESSIONALISM. THOSE ARE ONLY A FEW WORDS TO DESCRIBE TERI'S WORK. IT'S VERY SIMPLE: YOU TELL TERI WHAT YOU WANT AND SHE'LL DO IT EVEN BETTERTeri, thank you so much for your help during the shoot at Balboa Park. I appreciate the posing insight, and also the great shots. I can't wait to see the rest. You rock!MUA Eileen Stansberry"We Love the Photo Album you created"It was an amazing experience working with you.  You made me feel so comfortable that I never got nervous."You did an amazing job"Teri - Wow, thank you so much for SUCH an amazing shoot. I love the pictures we got from it and can't wait to update my portfolio with them. You did such a great job